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Policy Space 10: Education

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Policy Space 16: Food

Policy Space 17: Poverty

Policy Space 18: Employment

Policy Space 19: Inequality

Policy Space 20: Sustainability

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Policy Space 22: Insurance

Policy Space 23: Merger and Acquisition

Policy Space 24: Disaster

Policy Space 25: Supply shocks


Institute for Sustainable Finance

India's pursuit of sustainable development is making remarkable progress. However, in the face of a complex and evolving landscape, the cultivation of human capital and the fostering of thought leadership are paramount to advancing sustainability to a higher echelon. Crucially, finance assumes a pivotal role in propelling sustainable development by efficiently allocating resources, incentivizing green investments, and advocating responsible financial practices.

To this end, the establishment of the Institute for Sustainable Finance (ISF) by cPie aims to lead the integration of sustainability principles into India's financial sector and broader industry. The primary objective of ISF is to equip professionals with the requisite knowledge and skills to assess environmental, social, and governance risks, encourage sustainable investments, and develop innovative financial solutions aligned with sustainable goals. This institute will serve as a critical catalyst in shaping policy dialogues, raising awareness, and driving the transition towards a greener and more socially responsible financial system in India.

Core Intiatives:

Leadership: Sumantra Sen | Director cPie.ISF |